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What are Country Scents Candles?

“Country Scents Candles is the latest in home fragrance. We are unique because of our hand poured soy wax products. Our products are scented with high quality essential oils. You can light one of our candles or warm on of our soy wax melts in one of our warmers or your own. You can enjoy our scents without heat as well, with our aroma beads. We have so many unique scents to choose from and more to come! County Scents Candles are made right in Kentucky and are non-toxic to humans and pets. Our candles burn cleaner than other wax products. Browse through our product and place and order here!

  • County Scents only uses 100% Soy wax. The wax that is used is all-natural, nontoxic, and a completely renewable resource grown in the USA.
  • Our Soy is infused with natural essential oils and fragrance oils (fragrance oils are needed in some products to achieve the best scent possible for our customers)
  • Country Scents Candles does not use and chemical dyes in our wax. Dyes can dilute the scent and cause more sooting of the candle and frosting issues. We want to keep our candles as natural as possible while providing the best scent throw. We also use lead-free cotton wicks in ever candle.
  • CSC Aroma Beads are all natural dried out corn cob beads that do not retain moisture and holds scents for months. You can add new scents to the corn cob beads to create a new aroma.


*FDA approved Soy  *Kosher certified  *Certified KY Proud