To My Daughter’s Best Friend

To the person who will take on the role of my Daughter’s Best Friend one day, I hope you know how important you will be and that your place in her life will be one of the most significant. You don’t know her yet, but one day you two will be spending every waking minute together. So, to my Daughter’s…

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Family and Kids, Letters

25 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

We spend our lives trying our best to teach our children right from wrong and how to act. But once they leave, they will ultimately do what they want, and you have to hope that what you taught them is enough. My greatest wish is for my daughter to find her balance between living responsibly and enjoying herself. There are…

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Picky People Recipes

BBQ Chicken And Bacon Beer Pizza

This recipe is so good! And is great for the guys in your life since it includes both beer pizza dough and Budweiser Barbeque. This BBQ Chicken And Bacon Beer Pizza is perfect for a Father’s Day lunch or a meal for the guys to eat while watching the game. A fellow blogger showed me her version of the recipe and…

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