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Little Messy Hands is a blog for mothers who are spread a little too thin. We try our best though, right? I want to give a straight forward and honest spin on motherhood and all of it’s ups and downs, while sharing my story of abuse and helping mothers and women who are victims as well. All this and more is tossed together with a local twist for my fellow New Yorker families.

I will be sharing recipes that are picky person approved, since I am probably the pickiest eater ever. So, if you need meal ideas for your picky kids or family members, you have come to the right place. I also strive to make meals quick, easy, and use as little dishes as possible. Cupcakes are my specialty, so lots of cool ideas for those will be featured along with the recipes.

In the Family and Kids section, you will find our family activities for kids and toddlers. Our family is big on outdoors, so you will find lots of outdoor fun and tips for making the most of the outside with toddlers. I will be showing birthday party themes and holiday ideas for your littles. And even a touch of relationship tips and ideas.

Check the Messy Hands Reviews page  under The Family and Kids Section for reviews of products that we love for our family.

I am a local traveler mamma located in Western New York and enjoy doing fun things and visiting outside areas with my family, so if you are located in New York or thinking about visiting, keep an eye out for posts about local places to stop and vacation at. Visit our Local Traveler page to see where we have been and suggest for trips with kids.

Also featured in the blog will be Letters. These are similar to “Open When Letters” Handwritten to the people in our lives who are no longer with us, or the people who have hurt us, hopefully each person can find a letter that they can relate to.

This blog will feature a lot of content about abuse both physical and mental, the effects it may have on a woman, and what it is like trying to come back from the abuse. In the future I plan to feature women who have overcome their past, to share their stories and show strength for improving their life after being a victim of abuse of any kind. Sign up for the Newsletter to get updated content emailed right to you and get notified for when I add the section for abuse survivors.

About Me

My name is Bekah. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom and full-time online student, but first, I am a Mom to a beautiful little girl who is my whole world. She is my sunshine and my everything. I am a Pinterest freak. And I spend most of my days playing with and teaching my little girl.

I became a mom at 19 by a controlling, abusive man who had problems with drugs. So… I also became a single mom at 19. After many struggles I met an amazing man who stepped up to be the father that he didn’t have to be. He and his family took my daughter under their wing as their own. When my daughter turned one, I became a stay-at-home mom, thanks to this amazing man. I have since spent my days cleaning, doing laundry, keeping up on schoolwork, cooking meals, and watching my daughter grow. On top of all that, I also baby sit my nieces for extra money. So, most days I have 3 small children to take care of. As you can imagine, I have my hands full.

A few things about me:

I’m am obsessed with having everything organized and making lists. Lists. Lists. Lists.

I am the pickiest eater EVER.

Camping and being by the Lake is my happy place

My daughter is my best friend.

I love to plan parties and be creative

Most times I am what you would call an Old Soul, I love older music, movies, older times, and I usually prefer the company of people much older than myself.

I LOVE babies.

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