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To My Future Self When I Become A Mom

If your aren’t already a mom, can you think back to the time before you had kids? What did you think parenting would be like, what kind of mom did you think you would be? Read what our guest poster hopes for her “Future Self When I Become A Mom.”

Our guest poster, Lauren shares this down to earth expectation of herself as a future parent with a comical twist. If you are already a parent, this will bring you back to your pre-parenting days (if you can remember those days since the mom brain has kicked in)



Holy cow. It’s go time.


All systems go.


Harry defeated Voldemort. You can defeat parenthood.


And yes you most definitely start reading them Harry Potter before bed. It’s never too early. If you’ve not found Harry Potter memorabilia for babies yet… what are you doing?


You’ve been a great Aunty, godmother and human in general. Don’t let the kid pick its nose, and you should be right.


We all know there’s more to parenting than that but avoiding nose bleeds is a pretty easy place to begin, I guess.


At 22 I know little about parenting. Most of my classmates from high school started their parenting journey at this age. That doesn’t mean they’ve had any sort of head start. At 22 you weren’t ready. You’ve had the chance to travel, live life and build a career. Now it’s time.


Knowing us you’ve googled dumb questions you’re too scared to ask out loud. You’ve declined help from mom and mum in law. You’ve burned through the ‘panic chocolate’ and are onto the last load of clean clothes.


It’s fine. You’re fine. We’re totally fine!


Sleep deprivation has never looked more beautiful on a person.


In the event that it’s not phased out, switch Facebook off. If it’s been replaced by something better then the same rule applies. Technology… just switch it off. You don’t need to see pictures of another mother posting pictures of her perfectly behaved baby. Because the reality is that picture is a snapshot at a moment her child was behaving. The other 98% of the time it’s crying, pooping and spewing just like yours.


Remember training wheels? When you took them off the world wobbled. But when you learn to ride a bike you can’t forget how to pedal. I guess that’s parenting in a nutshell. You wobble for a bit but then you get into a groove. at least with this when you fall there’s less concrete to hit. When you fall with this there’s people there to catch you.


Fearing the asking of help is okay. But know that we need to feel uncomfortable in this life. Sit with the discomfort. Invite it in. Know that it’s okay. Just don’t dwell. Asking for help doesn’t make you less of a person. It doesn’t hinder success.


Rather it boosts you up!


From 2018 we had the likes of Jojo Siwa, Jake Paul and the catch me outside girl. If you can avoid an offspring like that… I say that alone is worth every gold star in the damn sticker aisle in Target.


You’re gonna have to let go of some of the parentless things. Bye peeing alone, bye eating alone and the stash for your candy will need to get higher. You’ll grow creative with the school projects and protective with the accidental falls.


You’ll watch the walls be covered with everything from handprints to pen. No more white furniture. That’s out.


Toys will litter the house and you’ll go to bed some nights with dishes still on the counter. You’ll question if that husband is part of some parenting deal you were signed up for.


None of it means your a bad mother. It means you’re doing your best.


You’re loved by your small human regardless of the bumps along the way.


Please stop feeling regret over the mistakes you have yet to make. Please stop beating yourself up over the ones you have made.


Teach your daughters to have high standards. Teach your sons to respect women with those high standards. Teach your daughters that men can be scared too. Teach your sons to speak up when they feel silenced by the pressures of masculinity.


This child is yours. You build the path until they are ready to take the control. Trust me… that day will come quicker than you think.


Sleep when they do. Don’t give into tantrums. Do date night at least once a month. Take time out for you.


Don’t threaten them with taking away Christmas like you said you would do at 22 when glaring at other people’s snarky children. That will make it worse.


You’re a boss mother and you’re only at the beginning.


This is a journey like no other and you’re more than capable in making something worth it’s weight in gold.


Love, parentless you.



About Lauren Robinson






Our guest poster is Lauren from The Loz Blog. Lauren says, “The Loz Blog is an inspiration, well being lifestyle blog targeting young people who just wish life and love came with an Ikea instruction manual. Millennial just beginning university or those entering the scary road to adulthood can come to read content that is relatable and understands. It’s all about the mines and marvels that come with being a 20-something-year-old.” You can read her content and connect with her on her Website or on her Facebook Page.





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To my future self as a mom


To My Future Self As A Mom

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