To The Man Who Changed The Person That I Was

To The Man Who Changed Me

It takes a special kind of person to affect someone else so deeply that it shakes them to their core. Not many people are able to touch on someone elses life in such a way. So, To The Man Who Changed The Person That I Was, Congratulations.


I’m sure it thrills you to no end to know that your existence had such a long-term outcome on me. Your goal in life is to have control over people, and what you have done to me must be your greatest feat.


Are you happy? Does it make you feel proud knowing that you ruined me? The Person that I was before you?


I can never get that girl back. She wasn’t perfect before you got to her, but at least she had a fighting chance. I had a fighting chance.


When was the last time you had to learn how to breathe again? Or relearn how to walk? Because I thought that was something I would only have to do once in my life, when I was a baby.


But after you, I had to find my voice again after being pushed around and shutdown for years of my life.


I transformed from a fearless woman to a pathetic, shaken, shell of the person I once was.


But I bet that has been the best news you have ever heard. You can brag to your friends, and other men who take pride in ruining women. This is your success story.


But I’m here to tell you that you have not broken me yet.


I still have some fight left in me and you may have changed me, but you are the real loser here.


Your day will come that you will look at your life and realize all of the destruction that you have caused.


Will you apologize for the pain you inflicted?


How will you live with yourself?


Will anyone ever be good enough?



What I really want to know is… How can you destroy someone so deeply that they have to learn how to become a person again once you are done with them?



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To The Man Who Changed The Person That I Was


To The Man Who Changed The Person That I Was

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