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18 Gift Ideas For The Car Guy In Your Life

Gift Ideas For The Car Guy

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If you are like me and have a Car Guy in your life that you struggle buying gifts for, this list of 18 Gift Ideas For The Car Guy In Your Life will be a life saver.

I DREAD buying gifts for my guy because I never know what to get him! And it does make it difficult because most things he like, he just buys when he has the money. So there aren’t many things that he really wishes for all year to help me out with ideas.

And it’s not just me either! Everyone struggles with Gift Ideas For The Car Guy. Lets be honest, he doesn’t need another T-shirt!

So, from my long searches through amazon, and some big help from my boyfriend, and personal mechanic and Chevrolet fanatic…


## Gift Ideas For The Car Guy In Your Life

(Click the Photos to be directed to the product on amazon)

Mechanic Garage Funny Tin Sign

Perfect for if he has his own shop or garage space. They usually remain pretty cheap and there are other options as well based on what his interest are. (Click the photos to be directed)



Chevrolet Bowtie Logo Travel Mug

This 16oz insulated travel mug with the Chevy Bow tie decal on it is nice and simple, and who doesn’t love coffee?



Chevrolet Truck Key Rack & Letter Holder

This is so cute, I almost want to buy this for my house right now. This goes with the rustic theme that I am going for. And I know your dad’s and car guys will love this



Meguiar’s Wash & Wax Kit


What car guy doesn’t take pride in his car?  You can’t go wrong with this detail kit.



Pro-Lift Z-Creeper Seat


We know your body can take a beating as a mechanic or even if you work on cars as a hobby. This acts as a 2-in1 creeper and seat to make moving around the vehicle a little easier



Mechanic Wrench Stainless Steel Ring


Although, your Car Guy shouldn’t wear this while working on the cars, it looks cool for all of the rest of the time when he isn’t in the garage.



Wilton Hammer With Unbreakable Handle


This hammer has a 4 pound head and a 12-inch unbreakable hammer. A necessity for banging things into and out of place.



Vintage Gas Station Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Another thing that I am thinking of buying for my house, This is great for almost any guy in your life- not just for Gift Ideas For The Car Guy.



Chevrolet Padded Swivel Bar Stool

Best for decoration or in the man cave, comfortable and vintage.



Garage Jeep Flag

For indoor use only, these garage flags can let anyone show their car pride loud and proud. But this isn’t just for Jeep Lovers. Click one of these flags, and then search for “garage flag” and you will see all of the options.



LAUNCH OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Help your Car Guy get the job done quicker with this scanner to help with basic diagnostic purposes.



Magnetic Parts Tray


A magnet parts tray to keep him from losing bolts and small part



Astro Light w/XL Battery

While it may seem a little pricey for a light, this has a magnetic base to make it hand-free and rotates completely to let the user get the best lighting no matter where they are or how awkward the space is that he is working.



Funny Car Cup

A funny car mug for his coffee in the morning or hot chocolate at night.



Chevrolet 14″ Clock

Okay, this one isn’t necessary or helpful. But as far as Gift Ideas For The Car Guy, if he is a Chevy fan, this will be a winner. I know my car guy has had his eye on this for quite a while.



NOCO Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

A small jump box that can easily fit into the drawer of a toolbox or under the seat of a car.



Tite Reach Tool

The tool perfect for reaching the tight spots that most vehicle have. Sure to make his life a little easier at work or in the garage.



Magnetic Wristband

Not the most stylish thing ever, but certainly will make his life a little easier to hold onto those little parts and bolts while under the hood, similar to the Magnetic Tool Tray above, but this one travels with you.




Straight from the mind of my car guy to yours, This list of 18 Gift Ideas For Car Guy In Your Life is sure to make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year.


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Gift Ideas For The Car Guy. a gift guide for those hard to buy for people in your life.
Gift Ideas For The Car Guy. a gift guide for those hard to buy for people in your life.


Gift Ideas For The Car Guy. a gift guide for those hard to buy for people in your life.
Gift Ideas For The Car Guy. a gift guide for those hard to buy for people in your life.
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