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5 Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste

Waste Free

Reducing waste can make a huge difference in the environment! We may not still be around to see the changes, but our kids and grandkids will, so let’s make a difference for them with these 5 Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste.


Reducing waste and living naturally is a huge trend now a days, a trend that I hope actually sticks around. Since instead of eating tide pods and getting out of your car in the middle of the road to dance, this trend is actually beneficial. Not only to people, but to wildlife and the environment as well.


I know there are people who have changed their lifestyles completely around to become waste free, and while I think its amazing, I don’t think making that full change is in the cards for my family just yet.


So, If you are like me, and looking for a few little ways you can make big differences without the commitment of a complete life style change, check out these Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste brought to us by out guest poster, Mickeeley Salamanca.



5 Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste


I can remember sitting in my 6th grade science class and learning about global warming and how pollution is killing our home. But I never thought about all the plastic I was using and how it was a bigger contributor to greenhouse gases than the litter on the sides of the road. Once you realize how detrimental waste is, you want to start helping the planet any way you can, so here is 5 easy ways you can reduce your waste!


  1. Use Reusables

    The easiest tip to give on reducing waste is to start using reusable items. Instead of plastic disposable straws, get a pack of stainless steel or silicone straws to use in your cups and at restaurants. Replace your ziploc sandwich bags with reusable snack bags and use beeswax wrap instead of aluminum foil or saran wrap.
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  2. Ditch The Razor

    Yup, I said it. Stop using the disposable razors that rust every week. Instead, use an electric razor to shave with. Not only will you reduce your waste every month, but you also will end up saving more money!

  3. Shop Local

    Farmers markets are a great alternative to grocery stores. Most grocery stores wrap their food in unnecessary plastic. The cauliflower is wrapped, peppers are wrapped, potatoes are in plastic bags… You get the point. If you go to a local farmers market, you can take your own reusable totes to get your fresh fruits and veggies without adding to your trash can. If you purchase eggs, return the carton to the farmer so he can reuse it!

  4. Start A Compost

    This is something you can even get your little ones to help with! If you have a yard, put all your scrapes in a compost pile in the backyard. You can also put certain products like cardboard into compost piles too. Earthworms will digest and break down these products naturally!

  5. Change Your Cleaning Habits

    Look at one of your cleaning products ingredients. Do you see water or agua as one of the ingredients? Try swapping your cleaners for more concentrated products. By using more concentrated products, you reduce your plastic because you won’t be using as much cleaner, therefore you won’t be buying them as often. You can also cut up old t-shirts or use old rags to clean with instead of using paper towels. Just wash and reuse the old rags each time you clean!


There are tons of ways to reduce waste and even start a zero-waste journey. Adjusting can be difficult, especially in today’s society, but make an effort once a day to make a decision that will reduce your waste. Even just skipping the disposable straws adds up over time!


About Our Guest Poster, Mickeeley



  – “Hi everyone! My name is Mickeeley from The Salamanca Diary. I am a wife to the most amazing man and a mother to an amazingly beautiful little girl. In my free time I love watching Grey’s Anatomy and traveling!  Through my blog, I strive to help other young mothers and to give natural alternatives to everyday life. Check out my Shop of natural items at

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Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste


Super Easy Ways To Reduce Waste


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