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To The Nurse Who Helped Me Through My Delivery

Child birth is one of the most amazing and scariest times in any mother’s life. But having a set of amazing nurses and doctors can really make all of the difference. If you were lucky enough to have an amazing nurse, doctor, midwife or douala who stayed and helped you through your delivery, I’m sure he or she will forever be a part of your birth story. I never got a chance to thank the wonderful nurse who effected my life so much. So, To The Nurse Who Helped Me Through My Delivery, thank you.


You will never know how much your presence helped me through what would be the most terrifying experience of my life. You were there from the beginning to the end. You even stayed past your shift to make sure you were there when I delivered to help me through and meet the baby.  Even though I was probably just another patient to you, you made a world of difference for me.


You calmed me when the stress of the situation became too much. You actually wiped my tears and held my head on your chest when I couldn’t hold still. You held my hand when I needed it. And acted as the soft calming voice in the background.


This was probably all in a day’s work for you, and I’m sure an amazing woman like your self will pick back up and do the same thing next week when another mother comes in to deliver their child. But I will never forget what you have done.


Janet, you probably don’t remember me, but I will always remember you.


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6 thoughts on “To The Nurse Who Helped Me Through My Delivery

  1. Love it!! I remember mine too – Michelle. She was overloaded with patients that night and stayed past her shift as well to make sure I was properly introduced to my new nurse.

  2. Nurses are amazing! Mine was Lee who was SO helpful and calm after a LOOOOONG process with a few scares. For my second delivery, ours came back to hug us when her shift was over after my delivery. She was so supportive.

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