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Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Lost A Child

Gift Ideas

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While Christmas shopping for a close friend of mine and her boyfriend, I decided I wanted to get them something in memorial of their baby that they lost. I found this to be harder than anticipated. So, to help you out, I have compiled a list of Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Lost A Baby that I found along the way.

This was no easy task. Finding a gift fit for such a heartbreak and experience is close to impossible. And there is nothing that will ever replace the child that they lost, but I wanted to make sure that if I was going to give them a gift, it was tasteful. I didn’t want something generic, and it had to be worthy in comparison to the pain that they felt. (Nothing like suffering the worst loss of your life and getting a premade hallmark card with a name signed at the bottom) So it’s safe to say, my standards were high for this gift because everything I found, just wasn’t good enough for them. But eventually I came across a few ideas and items that I liked.

I will say this; customized gifts are usually best. It not only gives the parents something with their baby’s name and information, it also lets them know that you acknowledge that their child exists and had a name. So, here is a list of Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Lost A Baby.

Mommy of an Angel Necklace Infant Child Loss Memorial Pregnancy Loss Miscarriage Stillborn (Necklace)

This necklace is so sweet and simple yet could mean so much to the mother receiving it.

WUSUANED Baby Memorial Keychain Mommy/Daddy of an Angel Miscarriage Jewelry Loss of Child Gift (Mommy Daddy Set)

Another gift that is simple, straight to the point, but is something both mom and dad can carry with them all of the time.

Custom Baby Memorial Charm Keychain, Infant Loss Gift, Miscarriage Stillborn, Memorial Keychain

This is similar to the last item, But with more charms and options for customization. It does only come with one key chain, instead of two. You can select the baby’s Initial and birthstone. For an extra cost, you can also get the back engraved with whatever you would like. Such as the child’s full name and birth date. You also have the option so choose between “Mommy of an angel” and “Daddy of an angel.” I really love this gift, it is one of my favorites on the list.

Infant Loss Gift – Infant Loss Remembrance Frame

This frame is beautiful with a beautiful quote saying, “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.” You can pick the orientation, color, and customize the Name and birth date printed on the bottom.

WUSUANED Baby Memorial Jewelry Miscarriage Bracelet Mommy of An Angel Bracelet Sympathy Gift For Infant Loss (mommy of an angel)

This beautiful bracelet gives you the option of two different quotes, a perfect little gift for the mom of an angel baby.

Miscarriage Memorial Ornament – Before We Said Goodbye – In Memory of Infant Loss

This beautiful ornament for their Christmas tree will give the grieving family something to put up every year to know their baby is with them during the holidays. Especially since this time of year is when we start to miss our loved ones the most.

Pavilion Gift Company 19093 Forever in My Heart Terra Cotta Candle Holder, 4-Inch

This candle holder is beautiful and tasteful. But might work best as just a sympathy gift, unless the loss is recent and near Christmas time. It could also work well as a gift for the holidays if it is given along with a picture frame for the child’s photo, or some other personalized gift.

In Memory Bereavement Rich Walnut Finish Petite Jewelry Music Box – Plays Wind Beneath My Wings

This gift is absolutely stunning. It is a jewelry box made of wood, with an inspiring quote about loss on the top. When you open it, it plays “Wind Beneath My Wings.” This box could be used to put one of the thoughtful pieces of jewelry that are listed above, or can be used to put something of the baby’s like their newborn hat, hospital bracelet, bassinet card, etc.

bobauna Miscarriage gift Mommy/Daddy of An Angel Puzzle Keychain Set Of 2 Baby Memorial Jewelry For Infant Loss (mommy/daddy of an angel)

Another Key chain set, I know. But these are great for gifts to go with another gift. These are so cute and a great Gift Idea For The Mom Who Lost A Baby (and dad!)

INFUSEU Cubic Zirconia Mother Jewelry – Mom and Baby Pendant Necklace Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Angel Wing Locket with 12PCS Refill Replacement Pads

This necklace is so gorgeous. And perfect for those moms who use essential oils. The pendant not only depicts a mother reaching out for her baby with angel wings, but it’s also a diffuser for oils. This would be my pick!



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Gift Ideas


Gift Ideas


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