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6 Items Your Toddler Can Pack In Their Own Camping Backpack

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As a camping family, I spend a lot of time in the summer packing and unpacking. Of course toddlers love to help (or at least they think they are helping). So wouldn’t it be great, if my toddler had her own backpack to pack for our travels? Our guest poster Liam is here to give us a list of 6 Items Your Toddler Can Pack In Their Own Camping Backpack.


Exploring the great outdoors with your toddler is always a fun adventure. There are so many items to see and discover that it’s safe to say that an outdoor adventure could easily be turned into an overnight stay. And why not? If you have the time, and the energy then planning a camping overnight adventure with your toddler can be a ton of fun! While you need to really zone in and focus on your packing list, why not let your toddler focus in on their own items to pack? If you give them independence to pack their own camping items, it will teach them how to plan and prepare successfully for the future! Here are just a few suggested items your toddler can pack in their own camping backpack!


Your Toddler’s Checklist for Their Camping Backpack

Before you let your toddler start packing away, it’s important that they have an appropriately sized toddler backpack that’s designed just for them. Once you have that squared away, let the packing fun begin!


Stuffed Animals

Don’t let them necessarily go crazy here and pack up their entire stuffed animal collection, but packing one or two for an overnight trip can help soothe them and bring them comfort. Which is great!Let them know that they need to pick out the one that loves to explore so that it could enjoy the camping adventure as well.


As the parent, you take the job of packing the healthy snacks. So, go ahead and let your toddler have fun packing their own sweet snacks instead. Again, give them a limit on the number of treats that they can take so that they’ll have plenty of room for other items in their camping backpack.


No one can go camping without a trusty flashlight! And there’s just something so exciting about kids being able to have their own to control and play with! Once the evening sky sets, it’s time for the searching and shadow puppet fun to begin.


Dental hygiene is important, no matter where you’re spending the night. Remind your toddler to grab their toothbrush and toothpaste to keep those cavities at bay during your camping adventure.

Refillable Water Bottle

No matter how hot it is, your toddler is bound to get pretty thirsty when camping. Let them pack out their own extra water bottle so that they are certain to stay hydrated throughout the camping trip.


Part of the fun of camping is when it gets super quiet and calm at night, creating the perfect atmosphere for reading. Your toddler probably has some of their favorite books just lying around. So why not let them bring a few to read in the tent? Reading when camping is another great way that the flashlight they packed will be put to good use.



Have fun relaxing and letting your toddler pack their own camping items in their toddler camping backpack! You’ll have just as much fun seeing what they choose as “important” as they had packing it. Plus, they’ll be so proud of the fact that they packed their own backpack and supplies all on their own!


About Liam

Liam Gibson from The Ultimate Backpack is an Industrial Designer by trade, but also a part-time stay at home dad. “I’m a really active person and love getting outdoors to explore and train. The goal is to provide people with all of the information that I have wanted to know when searching for a backpack.” You can also follow Liam on Pinterest.


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