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All Of The Things I’ve Lost As A Stay At Home Mom

stay at home mom

Being a non-working mom is harder than people imagine. And sadly, no one understands that until they witness it first-hand. Don’t get me wrong, I adore being home with my daughter and I’m lucky enough to be able to watch her grow every day, but I can’t help but notice All Of The Things I Have Lost As A Stay At Home Mom.


My motivation to do better:

I am always so busy just trying to get through the day that I lose the motivation to improve myself and everything else.


My memory:

It seems that if I don’t have everything written down, it will slip my mind. And my loss of memory is so serious that I even forget things that would normally be impossible to forget.


My knowledge:

I feel as if I’ve grown stupider as the time passes at home. I know once you stop using your brain, it begins to go to mush. But it sometimes is impossible for me to even do simple math in my head.


My body:

Somehow in the midst of cleaning non-stop, forgetting to eat and chasing toddlers around, I gained weight. And not just a few pounds. It doesn’t make much sense to me because even when I worked at the rundown gas station before becoming a stay at home mom, I was less active and eating only the greasy gas station pizza. But I will just add it to the list of things I have lost in my journey of staying at home with my daughter.


My social skills:

After so long of only associating with a toddler all day, you begin to forget how to hold intelligent conversations with other adults.


My independence:

To depend on someone else can make a person feel so small. It is a big change going from being a person who took care of herself to relying on someone else to provide and ensure you have all of your necessities. On top of feeling useless because you aren’t contributing financially, it also makes it difficult to sometimes treat yourself when you don’t have any actual money of your own.


In the end, everything that I’ve lost as a stay at home mom is far less important than everything I have gained. I now have the chance to watch her grow and change every day. I get to spend every minute with her. Because I am home, I get to be the one to teach her. The truth is, as upsetting as it is to lose the person I was before, I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to be with her all day for anything that I’ve lost.


What have you lost as a Stay-at-home-mom?
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Stay at home mom


stay at home mom

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