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Families have all types of different rituals around the holidays, and our family has many traditions as well. But there is one Christmas Tradition that sticks out to me, that I think more people should partake in.


All my life growing up, we didn’t have much money. But as kids, we never knew the difference. My parents tried their best to give us a good holiday every year, but everyone needs help every now and again. So, there were many years that our family was sponsored by local companies or “angels” from the town or school.


Now that I have started a family of my own, my mission is to one day when we are more financially stable, to be able to sponsor a family. Right now, I can’t afford to do that yet, but I do my part in helping at least one family around town.


Every year about a month before Christmas, we go through Alyssa’s toy boxes and “make room” for all of her new gifts. Kids grow out of toys rather quickly, especially as toddlers. So, it’s not hard to at least fill a small box of toys that she no longer plays with or shows interest in.


The first year I did this, I dropped the items off at our local thrift store that I have turned to many times when my daughter was a baby. They take donations and sell the items for very cheap, such as ten cents or twenty-five cents, which gives parents a place to get their children gifts and items that they can feel good about knowing they purchased it themselves, but without paying anywhere close to full price.


Last year I posted the box of toys on a local Free Yard Sale group on Facebook searching for someone who was in need for toys for their child for the holiday season. And I was overwhelmed with the amount of people in need. The hardest part was deciding who was in need the most but ultimately, I went with my gut and gave it to a struggling mom of two young children.


While this isn’t sponsoring a family like I would like to, it is a step in the right direction and I urge everyone to give back during the holiday season. Even if it is just a small gesture.


You can find resources or churches around your town that will allow you to donate money for them to purchase presents. Or you can ask for the ages of the kids in a family and purchase the presents yourself. It all really depends on the company that you contact. You can also go to your local school and tell them you would like to help a family out this season.


Whether it be a small box of toys to a whole garbage. Or a couple dollars to donating for a whole family, your Christmas Tradition could make a world of difference for a few kids or a struggling family.


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