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18 Reasons Why I Am A Bad Mom

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As Parents, we all make mistakes and cut corners to make life a little easier. This sometimes makes our onlookers feel a little upset and judgmental when it comes to our parenting. But we all have our own style of raising our kids. I’ve compiled a list of 18 Reasons Why I Am A Bad Mom, according to all of the mom shaming I have read and witnessed.

This is by no means supposed to be serious, just a little comical reading to help you through your day. And let the other mothers know that as long as your children are taken care of and loved, you are doing a good job.


I let my kid eat food off the floor (within reason obviously)


I make my daughter put herself in time out


Sometimes we don’t brush our hair


I lose my patience


My 2-year-old has “chores”


Sometimes we have cookies for breakfast


We don’t have veggies with every meal


Sometimes I yell


I let her stay up late some nights


I walk away and ignore her tantrums


I swear a little too much


We don’t eat all natural or organic


Sometimes we don’t eat dinner until late at night


I’m not above throwing away toys in a messy room


I have at least one mental break down a day


My kid has an attitude


I let my daughter watch movies


Some days I feel like giving up.


But at the end of the day, I love my child. And nothing will keep me from being the best mom I can be to her. I may not be the perfect parent in the eyes of everyone. And some people may look at me and say I am a bad mom, but my daughter is loved and taken care of and never put in harm’s way.


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As Long as your child is buckled into their car seat correctly- We won’t judge you for any of these “Bad Mom” moments!
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reasons I'm a bad mom


reasons why i am a bad mom

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