To My Daughter’s Aunt

to my daughter's aunt

A sister has a significant job in a sibling’s life and that is to be the aunt to her beautiful nieces and nephews. That of course, is one of the most important people in a child’s life. So, To My Daughter’s Aunt, please take this seriously and love her as your own.

I hope you know how important your role in her life is.

You will be the person she turns to and trusts when she needs an adult’s advice but feels like she can’t come to me. And the person she goes to for fun when she needs a break from home and the boring structure.

But I hope that with this huge responsibility, you will take these opportunities to be a good role model for her. Don’t give her reasons to disobey my wishes, don’t point her the wrong direction, or cause her to make bad decisions.

Make it known that I do what I do because I love her, I’m not always the bad guy.

An Aunt is supposed to be fun though, so don’t feel like you aren’t allowed to spoil her with excitement and adventures. Give her a “home away from home” and a place where she can be herself and let loose.

She is a growing girl though and will need to be reminded time after time that every choice has a consequence.

Let her know her worth. Build her up but keep her grounded.

Please support her and be there for her for the times that I can’t. She will need it. And give her a break from her family life when she needs a day to feel one-on-one attention because I’m sure there will be times when I can’t give her that. But please let her know that in those times, I will always love her. And at the end of the day, she can always come to me.

And lastly, thank you. Thank you for being such a huge character in her life.


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Letter to my daughter's aunt

to my daughter's aunt

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