To My Daughter’s Best Friend

To the person who will take on the role of my Daughter’s Best Friend one day, I hope you know how important you will be and that your place in her life will be one of the most significant. You don’t know her yet, but one day you two will be spending every waking minute together. So, to my Daughter’s Best Friend, thank you.


Thank you for being there for her when she needs someone, and thank you for being her constant outside of our home.


A best friend is a person who takes care of you, but is more fun than a mom. So please take your job seriously, and I will make sure she does the same in return.


She will turn to you in her darkest and most trying times. She will lean on you when she feels like she has no one else. You will be her protector and her person. Please understand how important your role will be, and please don’t ever let her down.


She will need you for when I can’t be there, and of course for when she doesn’t want me there. It will be your job to build her up when she is feeling low, and to push her to achieve her dreams


Your time with her will be the happiest times of her life and your friendship will be what shapes her future. Her trust in you will define her trust in everyone else. Just one betrayal from you can damage her to her core and alter the way she trusts from then on.


Her times with you will be the fondest of her memories. She will have fun, and enjoy moments that would otherwise be boring without you. She will have the opportunity to party and try new things, so please take care of her. As a parent I will teach her right from wrong, and what each of her decisions will lead to. But ultimately, I will not be there and I can’t keep her safe. You might be the only person that might be able to reason with her in that situation. Please don’t push her to do things she isn’t comfortable, but please push her to be the best she can be.


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