A Letter To My Sister Who I Don’t Want To Follow In My Footsteps

Sister, I watch you go through life and it terrifies me every day. Because I see you doing things that I did or making decisions that I made. And I hope every day that you do not go down the same path that I have. So, to my sister who I don’t want to follow in my footsteps, this is for you.


Growing up, you were always my shadow and like me in so many ways. And while you are your own person, I fear every day that you will end up just like me.


The guys that I see you with are the same type of guys that I liked, that same type of guy that you saw mistreat me every day for years. And still I see you putting yourself in a situation to be treated like that. Or get caught up in situations that you shouldn’t be in because of him.


I can see you doing things that I never would have done, and that scares me because I made enough mistakes without adding the experimental stage of teenage years.


I do not want you to end up like I am; damaged, in pain, scared all of the time, and stuck. I want you to do better. and I want you to take what you saw me go through and learn from it, instead of letting it happen to you.


You live and learn by making mistakes. But it isn’t a mistake if you have already have seen the consequences and know how it ends.


You have the good fortune of being able to see right in front of your eyes what the outcome of some of your decisions will be. Use this knowledge to guide you down a greater path. And please don’t subject yourself to the pain and suffering that you have already seen me go through.


That is not to say that you shouldn’t have fun or be spontaneous, because you deserve the joy of being young with little to worry about. And you may think that you should enjoy this time while you are free with no responsibilities. But in reality, you have a responsibility to your future self.


They tell you in school, but you don’t realize until you get a little older, that every single decision you make will directly affect your future. And I hope every day that you keep your future in mind before you try something crazy or life altering


I want you to go farther than I have. I want you to be better.


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