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25 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

We spend our lives trying our best to teach our children right from wrong and how to act. But once they leave, they will ultimately do what they want, and you have to hope that what you taught them is enough. My greatest wish is for my daughter to find her balance between living responsibly and enjoying herself. There are so many things I wish to instill into her mind, but how much will she remember? These are 25 things that I will teach my daughter. I hope that she will carry these thoughts, ideas, and quotes with her and use this as a guide to live her life by.

1. Don’t drink out of an open bottle- even if you are with people you trust

2. Do things that will make you forget to check your phone

3. Don’t shut yourself down to emotions

4. Always value what you have, somebody worked hard for those possessions

5. Keep your promises – as long as they are healthy to keep

6. Take pictures, but don’t be so busy taking pictures that you can’t enjoy what is happing in front of your face

7. Don’t be the girl who makes other girls feel bad about themselves

8. Travel often, and always take the scenic route

9. “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”-Cinderella Story

10. Dance it out- often

11. Don’t rely on a man for your happiness

12. Be ambitious

13. Don’t be afraid to defend yourself

14. It is never okay for a man to hit you, don’t defend him because he “loves you”

15. Don’t be the jealous one

16. Honesty is the best trait to have

17. Life is short, tell your family you love them.

18. You deserve the best, don’t you ever forget that

19. Don’t ever lose your sense of adventure

20. “you is kind, you is smart, you is important” -The Help

21. Don’t let a man tell you how to live your life, He should be your partner, not your keeper.

22. Never Forget where you came from, and the people who took care of you

23. You can tell me anything. I may get upset or disappointed for the moment, I WILL forgive you, and never judge you.

24. “Don’t let what he wants, eclipse what you need. He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.”-Greys Anatomy

25. And last, but most importantly…You can ALWAYS come home.

Daughter of mine, If you forget everything I have taught you, please remember these things. And remember to live your life to the fullest, as cliché as that sounds, I want to see you thrive. I want to see you accomplish your goals, and do things I never had the chance to do. Just be happy, and remember to chew with your mouth shut!

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